December 2 Trivia Rankings

A fun night, a nice crowd, a good game of trivia. Thanks, Quizlings, one and all. We’re doing it into the New Year, so don’t miss a week of Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia.

Click here for the Top Baby Names from BabyCenter.

Meanwhile. Check out Kobe’s love letter to basketball. Read up on the search for King Tut’s stepmom. Shake your head in disbelief over the allegations of Leo DiCaprio being raped by a bear.

And witness Mike Ditka’s new team.

Now, here are the trivia rankings for the week…

They Stole Our Name, Bitch 71
Deez Nuts Over Trump 68
Looking For Love In Alderan Places 65
Under The Wire 62
Can Mark Zuckerberg Adopt Me? 61
Dave’s New Heart Is Really Used 60
The Sex Bots Of Yesteryear 57
The Force Is Strong With This Pun 54
It’s Britney’s Birthday, Bitch! 54
The Fantastic 4 53
Jar Jar Is A Sith Lord 53
Team Name 47
The Panthers Stand Alone 46
Absolute Worst 43
Par 1 43
It Don’t Matter 42
Carpets Match The Drapes 25

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