People I Hate #246 (In A Series)

Who: The business that locks one of a double door set.

Why: Someone gave the green light to putting a set of double doors at the entrance. And we all know how those work: you enter through the one on the right, exit through the one on the left. But every now and again, some dill hole gets the bright idea to lock one – usually the one on the left. So, you enter normally by pushing on the door and walking through but, on the way out, you push and – before you can even register the resistance – your forward momentum carries you straight on to SMACK INTO THE DAMN DOOR BECAUSE SOMEONE LOCKED IT! There’s no sign, no warning, no heads up, no earthly reason to believe the other door will not work exactly as the first one did and as it has been intended to work since the bloody architectural plans were drawn!

How I justify it: It’s not for safety. It’s not for crowd control. The only justifiable reason to lock one of those blasted doors is to make customers look like complete and utter idiots and whoever does that is a douchebag. And I hate them. Hate them so much.


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