November 18 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to the Quizlings who came to play. A three-way tie for first is a pretty exciting thing and we surely had one Wednesday night at Tomato Jake’s! If you missed it, you’ll be kicking yourself for days.

Don’t forget: There WILL be Trivia next Wednesday! If you’re in town for the holiday, stop by and getcher quiz on. Evade the in-laws for a few hours or bring the fam for a cornucopia of minutiae, trifles and esoteric fun. Whatever gets you out of the house and fills the seats.

And because some of you asked …

Now here are the full rankings for the evening. How’d your team do?

The Holly Holm Of Trivia 67
Two And A Half T-Cells 67
The Pyramids Were Actually Used For Pizza 67
Happy Birthday, Vince 66
I Yam Happy To Be Here 59
Thanksgiving At Bojangles 57
Every Restaurant Is A Drive-Thru If You Try Hard Enough 55
The Moistmakers 52
Four of Hearts 51
Happy Birthday, Katie 50
The 3 Best Friends 42
Can We Get A Lifeline? 42
The Three Quizateers 40

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