Pop Quiz Final Scores

I want to thank everyone who came out to support the Achievement Academy of Durham last night and play Pop Quiz 2015. It was an honor to be your Quizmaster. If you liked my brand of trivia, please drop by Tomato Jake’s Pizzeria some Wednesday and play that game. I think all the teams would do well based on last night’s performances.

By the way, some folks asked what the Top Three Teams received as prizes and I’ve been told it was as follows:

1st prize: $60 bowling certificate from Village Lanes, 8 pints of beer from Rambers, $20 gift card from Blue Note Grill

2nd prize:  8 Tshirts, 8 downloadable LPs, 8 2015 fall sampler CDs from Merge Records

3rd prize:  8 one hour trampoline jump passes from SkyZone, 8 gift certificates from Locopops

Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy the spoils of victory.

Overall, it was a very competitive crowd and the scores were extremely close. Now, I’ve factored in all the tiebreakers, so here they are … all the teams ranked from top to bottom…

Tutor Table Team 46
Go Go Britches 45
#Repeating 45
Res Ipsa 44
Burch Avenue 44
Jessica Harris 43
WRay Templeton 43
Rick Deez 43
Duke University 43
Carolina Brewery 41
Overworked and Underpaid 41
Measurement Incorporated 40
Total Perspective Vortex 40
Danya and the Social Twerkers 39
Smarty Pantsers 1 38
Achievement Academy of Durham 36
Smarty Pantsers 2 35
Evelyn Smallwood 35
Retired Retreads 32
Judy Coffman 31

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