Space Age Loathe Song

I know it’s just a cartoon but I hate George Jetson. HATE him. He’s a space-age tool that the future has made soft, weak and puerile. He lets everyone walk all over him, from his wife and kids to his boss and even his pet! If I were George Jetson, I’d send that misfit Elroy to military school, force that precocious Judy into a convent, kick that golddigger Jane to the curb, dismantle that sassy robot maid Rosie and have that freak Astro neutered! “Walk the dog?” What the hell? The dog can bloody well talk I think he can effin’ walk himself!

Screw you, Astro. You're going to live on a farm upstate!

Screw you, Astro. You’re going to live on a farm upstate!

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