November 4 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all you Quizlings who made it out to play. I hope a good time was had by all. Join me Friday at the Museum of Life & Science for a fun charity night Pop Quiz!

Read about the new Colossus of Rhodes at the project website.

See the intro for Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends

And, of course, possibly one of the most famous wrong headlines of all time …


Now, here are the rankings …

Duke Lost. Deal With It 69
My New Age Exceeds The Number Of Voters In Yesterday’s Election 66
We’re Not Done With Cheese 65
Pizza Is The Answer 62
Wouldn’t You Like To Go Back In Time And Put Some Money On The Royals? 62
In Your Dreams 62
4th Place Prize Is Abject Humiliation 61
Soccer Is A Sport, Sparky 61
The Russians? You Can’t Handle The Russians! 56
BNT 54
Not So High-O In Ohio 50
The Jamiroquai Jamiracles 47
Our Smart People Left Us 47
The 3 Best Friends 47
Par 1 46
The Worgis 37
I’ll Be Bach. You Can Be Mozart 37
Still Round On The Ends – Not So High In The Middle 30

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