October 28 Trivia Rankings!

What a great night, Quizlings! Great trivia, great costumes and great prizes – all in celebration of our sixth anniversary. If you thought you’d stay home and watch the World Series or the Republican Debate, I hope it was worth it because you missed your shot at a massage, doughnuts, candy, movie tickets and comic book heaven. Oh well. I’m sure your thing was fun too.

And because I nearly stumped the room, take a look at Hi-Five Ghost in action …

Now, here are the rankings…

In Your Dreams 64
Über Kitten Delivery 63
Two Snow Wrongs Don’t Make A Snow White 62
Candy And Pizza: A Winning Combination 62
Thanks For The Brownies 58
Cher Wants Us To Turn Back Time This Weekend 58
We’re Outside – Give Us Candy 57
Wording Is Hard! 57
3 Captains, 2 Minions, Typical Workplace 56
B&T 56
Trump Or Treat 53
Old Chub 51
I Moustache You A Question 47
Elvis & Ringo 44
Got Milk! 44
Pumpkin Spice All The Teams 40
Don’t Talk About My Bacon That Way! 40

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