October 21 Trivia Rankings

Okay, I think we learned that I am extremely fallible when I don’t get enough sleep. Oh, and that the young hate the old and the old hate the young (their questions at least). But it’s all fun in the end, isn’t it? (And, yes, I’m aware that sounds vaguely dirty but I’m not worried about it.)

Also – if you didn’t know who Mr. Yuk was, that means your parents probably let you play under the sink. Here’s the PSA that’ll set you straight.

Plus, here’s Biz Markie’s Lucky Charms song “Marshmallows Only.” Say what you like, but it’s hard to accuse a guy of selling out when the guy in question has parlayed one song into an entire career. More power to him!

Now, here’s how the teams stacked up. See you next week, Quizlings!

Jaws 19 Ate My Hoverboard 68
We Apparently Still Need Roads 65
Bye Bye Biden 64
There’s Nothing Pizza Can’t Fix 63
We Have To Go Back … To Trivia! 62
We Can’t Do Worse Than My Fantasy Football Team 59
Our Density Has Brought Us To Trivia 53
Don’t Look Outside – We’re Cheating 53
Poor James Harden 52
Our Team Name Is On The Big Board 51
1.21 Jim-A-Watts 49
All Winnings Go To The Clock Tower 49
Why Do You Never See Donald Trump And Biff Tannen In The Same Place? 48
It’s Her Birthday And She’ll Cry If We Don’t Win 47
Snow Pants Or No Pants 42
The Tempura Shelter For A Lightly Battered Bookclub 39

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