October 7 Trivia Rankings

Happy anniversary, Quizlings! If you’ve been with us since the beginning, thank you and welcome to a month of spooky trivia and some extra-special prizes. All month long, we’re giving away something extra just for being such great Quizlings (this week – doughnuts).

After a few cipherin’ mistakes were corrected, the teams were ranked accordingly…

Jack Stole My Dinner 71
Where Is Our Jalapenio Bacon Mac & Cheese, You Idiot? 68
Team Name Failure 67
Pete Rose Plays Draft Kings 67
Saving Matt Damon 66
Pastor of Muppets 65
We Like Our Grits Al Dente 63
Bed, Bath & Beyoncé 63
Not Feeling It 62
Sparky’s Angels 59
A Moment Of Silence For The Dearly Departed Nipple [pink ribbon] 55
Taylor Swift Kick To The Face 55
Neutral Swedes Award Nobel To Both UNC And Duke 55
Snickerdoodle 53
The Baloney Pony 48
It’s Going Tibia Blowout 47
We Might Be On The Bottom But We’re Okay With That 42
Do We Get A Free Brownie If We Place Last? 40

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