September 30 Trivia Rankings

Hola, Quizlings! Fun time had by all, I hope. The final round definitely took its toll on a few teams but that’s how you separate the women from the girls, I guess.

Remember: Every Wednesday in October we’ll celebrate our sixth anniversary with some special prizes. Bring your friends, bring your enemies. Whatever ups your game.

Now, here are the rankings…

Job Interview Hell 70
Who’s In First 63
Our Trivia Name Writer Is On Vacation 63
Man Dies After Courageus 4-Year Battle With Gorilla 62
Papal Fiatsco 62
New VW Emissions Test Fahrfrompootin 58
Matthews Is Back! 57
Martian Springs Bottled Water 56
Rain, Rain, Go Away! 56
Blood Moon Hidden By Cloud Band-Aid 55
There’s Always Money In The Banana Stand 55
Just Married … Brownie? 52
Thing One, Thing Two And Thing Three 49
Is There Life On Maaaaaaaars? 48
Shut The Trump Up! 45
Whoops! I Burned Down The Banana Stand 43
Plump, Engorged Tick 43
The Flying Corgis 41
Anal Cranial Inversion 29

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