September 23 Trivia Rankings

I hope all the Quizlings had fun tonight. We flashbacked to 2005 and flashed forward to my curmudgeonhood.

Don’t forget – Tomato Jake’s Wednesday Night Trivia is observing its sixth anniversary all next month so come out and play to celebrate with us and maybe win some cool (if not cooler) prizes.

Now, quickly, to the rankings!

I Don’t Know’s In Third 66
Maybe The Pope Can Turn California Wine Into Water 65
Tomato On The Run 64
If You Find The Fork In The Road Take It To Tomato Jake’s 64
Shart-nado 57
Swiss Swag 56
I Can’t Feel My Mace When I Windu 55
Walker Texas Clock Block 55
Pope-ular Science 55
Toby’s Sweet 16 54
It’s Deja Vu All Over Again 53
Hands Above The Waist Pope 53
I Have No Clue What’s Happening In The World 52
Volkwagen: Das Dirty Auto 52
Winnie-The-Pooch 50
More Useless Than Normal 48
The Pasty White Stay-At-Home Boys 48
Hey, Boo Boo – It Ain’t Over Til Its Over 48
You Wouldn’t Have Won If We’d Beaten You 47
Hermione Danger 45
The Drinkin’ Lawyers 43
Mahna Mahna 40
Dances With Ferrets 41
Tequila Mockingbird 37

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