Catholic S’Cool


Get ready!!


It’s coming!!


Bigger than the Baptist Convention….


Greater than a Billy Graham Crusade…


More raucous than a Fundamentalist Polygamous Sect!


It’s POPE-A-PALOOZA!!!!!!!!


Thrill to the mass hysteria of a rockin’ & rollin’, knock-down-drag-out, rootin’ tootin’ homily that makes the Sermon on the Mount seem like a street corner rant!




SEE! The Pontiff pontificate on piousness!!!


WITNESS!! His Holiness harangue the heathens!!!


EXPERIENCE!!! The verbal virtue of valiant Vatican viewpoints!!!!




From the people who brought you The Snake Handlers Hullabaloo, Scientology Unplugged and Mary Baker Eddy on Ice, it’s…




Confession’s good for the soul, so we have to tell you you’d be CRAZY to miss this sensational service!!!


He’s thrilled millions around the world with his holy headway and religious retractions!


He’s faced down anti-environmentalists and capitalists and absolved the sins of a generation!




If you’re Catholic, you can’t miss it!! And, if you’re not Catholic, you’d better convert!




Coming soon to a stadium, arena or fairgrounds near you!!!




Power to the Papal!


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