September 16 Trivia Rankings

If you were watching the debate, you missed an exceptional night of trivia (you also lost a few IQ points, I’d imagine, just by being exposed to the political mishigas for a few hours).

If you missed the fun, Quizlings learned that 9 Lives should increase its advertising budget, Stevie Wonder needs to come up with a better pseudonym and very few people remember the runners-up.

(BTW The one lesson I learned was that no question should ever be considered impossible.)

Here are the rankings…

Goodbye Bob 😦 69
The Gas Passers 60
All Jack Wants For Christmas Is His Two Front Teeth 58
I Think Jeff Killed Bob 57
Kickball Team With A Trivia Problem 56
Jeff is back … For the win! 53
We’re Here For The Free Ice Cream 53
The Four Musketeers 51
The Whale’s Vagina 51
Whitney’s 30 – Trade A Cupcake For A Brownie? 47
[googly eyes pumpkin stickers] 46
It’s Debatable (And Thank God We’re Missing It) 45
There She Is … Miss Tomato Jake! 44
Bruce Willis Was Dead The Whole Time 40
#notadoctor’sstethoscope 38
Rake Your Face 33
The 3 Best Friends 30
The Tronny Cat 28

And finally…


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