September 9th Trivia Rankings

For anyone who missed Wednesday night’s game, it was the most AWESOME TRIVIA NIGHT EVER!!!!! (Lesson: Don’t ever skip a Tomato Jake’s trivia night for any reason, Quizlings. It’s that important!)

With new mic cord in hand (or underfoot), we kicked off a post-Labor Day trivia outing that taught us everything we need to know about 1990s sitcoms and songs of the summer.

Now, here are the rankings. Note that there were absolutely NO ties anywhere throughout the game (possibly a first)…

Kim Davis Came Out Yesterday 69
Winston Didn’t Believe In Ghosts But Still Did His Job 68
Where Is Jack? At Home, Grounded 67
Goodbye Trivia, Bien Venidos A Miami 66
Maybe My Baby Ate Your Dingo 65
Kentucky Formal Overalls 58
Injured But Still Here 57
We Were On A Break 54
G-Force 53
We Get To Watch Kim Davis Fight Clubber Lang Now, Right? 52
First On The Board; Last In The Standings 50
Girls Night At Trivia 48
Where Did My Team Go? 46
Prescribers Of Pain 44
The Flying Corgis 41
Bill Cosby’s Guide To After-dinner Cocktails 39

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