September 2 Trivia Rankings

Ice cream for one more week? Who knows? Cross your fingers and maybe Glen and who knows what’ll happen next Wednesday!

Meanwhile, we learned that playing by yourself and playing with yourself are two completely different things (although not mutually exclusive). And that poor students will eat five pounds of gummi worms in about five minutes.

And for those of you who have never eaten either cereal, I don’t make this stuff up.

And now, the rankings ….

North West For President 2052 71
Uh Oh… Someone soiled their huggies 71
Most Of Us Came Here To Win, Some Of Us Came For The Pizza 69
Is It Too Soon To Start Calling A Kanye West Wing? 66
Like Jon Snow, We Know Nothing 63
Silly Party Hats & Cake For Jake 60
We Landed On The Moon! 57
We’re Just Here For The Pizza 57
Mighty Mobile Munchkin 56
Inside, No One Can Hear You Clap 55
Trivia Treats For Every Season 54
Winnie The Pooch 54
Team? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Team 53
Tomato Jake For President 2020 52
We Thought This Was Speed Dating 50
Treated And Released 50
Team ROFLcopter 50
Better Late Than Pregnant 48
All My Heroes Are Bald #fightcancer 45
Give Money To Charity, She’s A Stripper 44
Poor Helpless Desparate Students 42

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