August 26 Trivia Rankings

Fun night, Quizlings. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream and trivia, not necessarily in that order.

We learned about astronauts, state flags and super-short NBA players. And let’s hope Ms. Macaroni has a better day 4.

Now, here’s how everyone fared…

Your Full Team Name 70
Thank God They Didn’t Hack Christian Mingle 69
McWhopper: The Worst Of Both Worlds 67
Jailbreakers 65
Our Old Guy’s Not Here, So We’re Just Here For The Beer 63
Jared Fogle’s Happy Trail Of Tears 62
Ashley, You Said ‘Cheap Date’, Right? 61
Put a Pickle In It 61
Tomato Jake’s Official Trivia Team 59
Our Score Is Higher Than The Dow 56
Back To Basics 56
Bacteria: The Only Culture Some People Have 54
Day 3: A 2nd Grader Thought My Name Was Ms. Macaroni 53
Free Wiz 52
Hawaii Cat Oh 51
Lonesome Dove 50
Latte For Shar Shar 48
We Finally Have More Than 2 Members 47
Evergood 38
Limited Edition 38
Eno Rugby 35

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