Five Lesser Known Rogers

Roger Ramjet

Roger Dodger

Roger Taylor of Duran Duran

Roger I of Sicily

Roger Rarebit (Roger Rabbit’s Welsh Cousin)

Five Days I Dread

My birthday

Tax Day

The day my son realizes I don’t know everything

My first colonoscopy

President Trump’s inauguration day

Five Douchebags Whose Name I Didn’t Know A Year Ago

Lion Killer, Walter Palmer

New England Patriots locker room attendant, Jim McNally

Secret Service Chief, Julia Pearson

Racist Fraternity Member, Parker Rice

FIFA president, Sepp Blatter

Five Odd Reasons To Get A Fake ID

Easier than legally changing your name

You think the guy who makes the fake IDs is super cute!

Lost a bet

So you can get a free doughnut on your “birthday” at Krispy Kreme

You have a lamination fetish

Five Hostess Musicals

The Wedding Zinger

The Best Little Ho Ho In Texas

Guys and Sno Balls

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Ding Dong

Twinkie Boots


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