August 19, 2015 Trivia Rankings

Rain, rain, go away … go and fall on Greg Fishel’s head. (Hey, we had beef years ago and I think he sends the precip on Wednesdays just to get my goat.)

Thanks for braving the deluge, Quizlings. We learned that Apex really is the peak of good living, the Rubik’s Cube people can do insane amounts of math and I must honor Kristen Bell’s restraining order.

Here are the rankings…

Summer Days Are Drifting Away But Oh Those Trivia Nights 68
Jared Was Eating Too Fresh 68
Straighta Outta Answers 64
If Trump Wins, There’ll Be Hell Toupee 64
Fitty Percent 63
When Batman Goes To The Strip Club He Makes It Wayne 62
Winnie The Pooch 62
We Already Have Female Viagra – It’s Called Tequila 60
Collateral Damage 59 (tie)
Glen Would Vote For Deez Nuts 59 (tie)
Deez Nuts 4 Prez 58
Obama 2016: Straight Outta Office 57 (DQ)
Playing to Win 55
We Can Guess Better Than Rubio Throws 54
My 5-Year-Old Really Likes Brownies – hint, hint 54
Hillary Can’t Handle Deez Nuts 54
Hump Day 53
Hillary’s Trash Folder 53
Beer Makes Us Think Good 53
My Grandma Can’t Wrestle But You Should See Her Box 51
SODU Ruggers 51
We Want To See Trump’s Birth Certificate 51
It’s Burgher’s Biiirrrfffday!!! 48
Kelvin Benjamin’s ACL 46
Muchos Nachos 43
Party Of One 31

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