August 5, 2015 Trivia Rankings

Thanks everyone who came out to play Wednesday night. Apologies for the delays and/or screw ups. I think we got it all straightened out in the end.

Here are the full rankings, ties factored in.

Never Gonna Give You Up 70
Time-Warner Cable Costs Us $20 In Pizza 69
Publishers Gonna Miss Jon 66
I Guess Miss Piggy Just Couldn’t Kermit 66
Kermit’s On The Market For A New Piece Of Bacon 64
Real Men Wear Kilts 61
I Like Big Books & I Cannot Lie 61
Mama Like De Wine 61
4 Silly People 60 (tie)
Alex’s Hot Tub Experience 60 (tie)
Roddy Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickle Peppers 59
Who Gets Custody Of Gonzo? 59
Let’s Get Quizzical 57
Ronda Rousey Knocks Out Girls Faster Than Bill Cosby 56
Is This Poisonous? 56
Toupee, Or Not Toupee, That Is The Question… 55
Travixxx 49
Ronda Rousey Likes It Rough 49
52 Points 48
The Swipe Is Right 47
We’re Out Of Ideas 47
Emanon 46
We’re Smarter Than That 46
Never Gonna Let You Down 46
Beacon 8 41
We’re Probably Cheating 40
We Can Get Over The Trump Hump 40
Scotchmen 35

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