July 22 Trivia Night Rankings

Good night of fun trivia, Quizlings. We learned about some famous moms and learned that “Guam” is rarely the answer.

Thanks for hanging with us for a few hours. We’ll be back next week with more trivia. Join us, please.

Now, here are the rankings (with tiebreakers factored in)…

French Scrabble Champs 65
Somewhere Uber The Rainbow 64
Duh, My Dog Knew That But Didn’t Speak 64
Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjos 62
2 Legit 2 Quit 62
Only Trivia Could Make Me Miss Sharknado 3 61
867-5309 (Lindsey) 60
Fancy Flamingos 60
iWatched Apple Drop (DQ) 58
DNR 58
The Dog Days Of Summer 56
I Wrecked My Car To Be Here 55
Today Is Pi Approximation Day, You’re Welcome 55
Momo Mamas 54
Androgynous Rex 52
See You At Target 51
Kicking The Habit 51
Cover Your Asset With A Chastity Bustle 51
Divorce Lawyers Hack Ashley Madison 51
Our PCVs 51
She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes 49
B&T 48
You Know Nothing, Jon Snow 44
If I Don’t Score My Age, I’m Retiring 42
We Couldn’t Come Up With Anything 42
Off In The Shower 40
DNI 37

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