July 15 Trivia Rankings

Woo hoo!  Full crowd o’ Quizlings, ice cream treats and more Pluto love than you can shake a Kuiper belt at. What’s not to like?

How it all shakes out is noted below. Thanks for hanging with us, folks. Let’s do it again next week.

July 15, 2015 Trivia Rankings

Next Time, You Put The Trousers On The Chimp 65
Keep Our Table Clean 64
Two Of Clubs, Your Order Is Ready. Two Of Clubs 63
How Do You say “Shawshank” in Spanish? 60
Winnie The Pooch 60
We (heart) Pluto 59
Half Our Team Is At A Prime Day Celebration 59
Plutonic Love 57
Yesterday, It Was My Birthday. Can I Please Have A Brownie? 56
I Find This Humerus 54
The Benchwarmers 53
Your Mama’s So Mean She Has No Standard Deviation 53
Ayatollah … The Nuclear Deal Is The Reason Iran 51
Octopus Prime 49
Left Shark’s Revenge 49
[Insert Sparky Approved Team Name Here] 49
Dear NASA, Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough, Sincerely, Pluto 48
ESPY-ionage 48
We Won The ESPY For Worst Team Name 48
Generic Team Name 47
Trump It Up To A Bad Hair Decade 47
Beer Makes Smart 47
Pluto Is Still A Planet To Us 47
The Mighty-chondria 46
Donald 2016: There Will Be Hell Toupee 45
Poop Troop 45
Just The Two Of Us 43
Well, 2 Out Of 8 Ain’t Bad 43
Watches We Don’t Need Know Stinkin’ Watches 39
Tequila Mockingbird 32
Pluto Got A Probe Before Uranus 27
Go Hokies 27 (incomplete)

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