Shark Wink

Since the buggers have been in the news a lot lately, I wanted to compile my five favorite comedy sketches about sharks … the problem is only four of them are online.

Still, I shall not be daunted! Here they are, Sparky Mac’s Five Favorite Comedy Sketches About Sharks.


5) Jaws, “The Whitest Kids U’Know”

It’s a slow build but the joke caught me off guard (and I’m still laughing about it).


4) Shark Talk, “The Martin Short Show”

Admittedly, I haven’t seen this since it originally aired back in 1994 on a show so short-lived (Are you kidding me? Did I just make an unintentional pun so bad I want to smack myself? Yes, I did.) I have doubts even the star remembers he did it. Still, the one sketch that always stood out to me was a group of sharks standing around, just talking. Okay, yeah, it was some guys in shark costumes, but it’s sketch comedy so go with it. They reference something and one of them makes an awkward, trying-to-fit-in remark and the others do a double take and scream, “He’s a dolphin! Get him!” Or words to that effect. (Hey, since it’s not online, you can’t see if I’ve misremembered or not.)


3) Swim With A Shark, “That Mitchell And Webb Look”

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with the sharks, don’t rent a cage from this guy.


2) Skoora, “The Kids In The Hall”

Don’t blame him … he blames himself.


1) Land Shark, “Saturday Night Live”

See it on Yahoo Screen.

Okay, technically, it’s called “Jaws II” but it’s the grandfather of all shark sketches and it’s freakin’ awesome. Even when they repeated the gag in subsequent shows, they never beat it into the ground like, a-hem, a dozen characters or ideas that SNL overused in the decades since.


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