July 8 Trivia Rankings

What a great night! Hope everyone had as much fun as I had. Hey, I hope you had more fun than I had (always put my Quizlings first).

Before the rankings, here are some relevant videos….

Listen and you’ll never miss another question about our 11th President ever again.

And here are the answers to the two Round 5 Bonus questions…

Butterfly by Crazy Town. Yeah, if I’m stuck with it in my head, I refuse to be alone!

The intro to the TV series Flying Blind. See, I didn’t make it up!

Now, see how you fared…

Trump 2016: Combing Over The Issues (DQ) 63
It’s Galen’s Birthday Suit 61
Paula Deen’s Secret: Egg Whites Only 60
Our Willow Has Come Out To Play 58
I’d Rather Eat Prison Food Than Subway Every Day, Too (DQ) 57
We Predict Trump Wins By A Hair 57
Bill Cosby Still Eats At Subway 56
Pizza Ship 56
This Is Your Chance 54
Rinse My Undercarriage 54
2 Girls, A Guy And A Pizza Place 53
Live Free Or Die 52
Purina Soufflé 52
Solo’s Golden Gloves 50
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Shark 49
Is That Your Friend In The Woodchipper? 48
Sharkapolypse 48
Fast Times At Tomato Jake’s High 46
L’il Sebastian 44
Shark Bait 42
All Dogs Return To Trivia 41
Privilege Is A Real Thing 34

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