Bumper Crap

I was driving along the interstate earlier this evening and I saw a car with the following on the bumper: NEVER TRUST A NURSE. Seriously. “Never Trust A Nurse.” Not the catchiest of slogans, if I may say so. And as far as bias goes I’ve never quite associated nurses with deserving the same hatred as, say, lawyers or reality TV stars. Certainly not as stereotypical as a bias against a country of origin or religion or a political party. But there it was, for the world to see – an anti-nurse pronouncement on the back of his ride, perfectly at home with the Visualize World Peace sticker or the American flag decal (had there been either).

I guess it’s interesting to note that it wasn’t a bumper sticker. No. This dude had apparently written Never Trust A Nurse in sharpie or something on the back of his bumper (think it’s safe to say he couldn’t find a sticker with that sentiment for sale at Stuckey’s) because he felt so strongly about it. My instinct says it’s not a carte blanche distrust of the profession but personal, per se. If I had to lay odds I’d say it probably involves a bumbling, brusque removal of a catheter.

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