June 24 Trivia Night Rankings

Yes, Quizlings, you heard right – ICE CREAM NEXT WEEK! Huzzah!

Also, tables reserved for the three winning teams. A new era or triviawesome, you say? Nope – just business as usual… kickin’ trivia butt and chewin’ trivia gum. And we’re aaaaalllllll outta gum.

Now, here’s are the rankings (ties factored in) for this week’s fun:

The Jordan Spieth Of Trivia 64
This Is The Funny Team Name You’re Looking For 62
Magic Mike Or Trivia – What Would Sparky Do? 61
We’re Running Really Late 61
Pro Klittra 61
God Hates Flags 58
The Pjazzlers 57
Political Capture The Flag 57
Come For The AC – Stay For The Trivia 56
Kings of Fourth 56
Last Week We Cheated On Sparky 54
Atlanta May Have Trivia But It Doesn’t Have Tomato Jake’s 50
Deep Fried Rat On The Menu, Please 53
Trivia Newton John 51
Even Pete Rose Wouldn’t Bet On Us 49
Don’t Ask Us 48
Me Meat Is From The 70s 42
These Light Fixtures Are Straining My Eyes 42
The Cheeseheads 38
Balzac 38
Tuesdays 34

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