June 17 Trivia Night Rankings

Well, we beat the weather, Quizlings. And once again, a great trivia night at Tomato Jake’s was had by all (well, maybe not a certain team whose winning streak had a fork stuck in it by some up and comers – ah, but they love me; they’ll be back.)

Here are this week’s rankings (with ties factored in). Am I the only one that finds the fact the two teams that made fun of Trump in their names placed first and second? Hmmmmm…

Trump And Toupee in 2016 67
Don’t Laugh. Donald Trump Identifies As An Actual Presidential Candidate 65
Don’t Be Fooled By Genes That I Got I’m Still Rachel From The Block 64
Making Mothman Happen 64
Jurassic World Of Trivia 62
Shark Week Came Early This Year 59
E = MC Hammer 58
There Is Still Time To Change Our Team Name 57
Kyle Was Supposed To Think Of Our Name But He’s Not Here 55
Unicorns On A Roll 54
White Is The New Black 53
Lebron Missed – Love N’ Kyrie 52
Something Else 49
Something 46
Win Or Lose, We Still Booze 45
We Have To Break Up Because He Doesn’t Like Mozzarella Sticks 42

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