10 June 2015 Trivia Night Rankings

Fun night, Quizlings. Lots of good folks came out to play, although some regulars were very much missed (come back, please – I have abandonment issues!)

I think advantage tonight went to the folks who read the funny pages and who watch a lot of sci fi TV. And I oughta know – I can smell my own.

If you like, read more about Regaliceratops peterhewsi and The Video Game Hall of Fame.

Now, see how your team measured up…

Trivia’s American Pharaoh 67
Don’t Bring A Gun To A Water Fight 60
Doom vs. Duke Nukem 58  (tie winner)
That Doesn’t Sound Like Hands 58
OK, Stupid 56
Gladys Hearts Glen 55
The Legend Of Zelda’s Mom 53
We Got Dat Cookie Money 50
Touched By A Duggar 49  (tie winner)
Our Trivia Guru’s In Kansas – Good Luck To Us 49
Tequila Mockingbird 46
[Dinosaur Sticker] 40  (tie winner)
Free Radical 40
The Gaggle 39
O’ Lawd, Mama Knows 38
Wednesday Night Turnip 36

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