Pickles (2002 – 2015)

picklestongue1 001

My cat Pickles lost his struggle with lymphoma today. He was a sweet, shy, silly boy who became an integral part of the household when he joined us seven years ago by becoming the intermediary between his two adopted sisters. His life before us was plagued by an unstable owner, causing Pickles to be more than a little bit of a scaredy cat. He would jump at loud noises and was sometimes slow to trust, but we bonded instantly and he grew to feel safe and secure in our home.

It’s a sad day for me. And I’ll be sad for some time. Yet I am tremendously thankful for his time with us.

If you have furry friends, take a moment to show them you care with a chin rub or belly pat or a treat and a hug. They brighten our lives but the time spent with them is far too brief.

Also, to honor his memory, I am making a donation to the no-kill shelter where I met him – Safe Haven For Cats. If you’d care to do the same, I’m sure Pickles would approve.


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