Saw something yesterday that I’m still scratching my head about: a personalized license plate with the word POOFACE on it. Offensive? Only in the sense a second-grader calling someone boogerhead is offensive. Puzzling is a more apt adjective here. I mean, the DMV actively polices problematic plates. I’ve known folks who were denied harmless tags on the off chance the words might be slang for something the DMV was not hip enough to know should be verboten. Heck, the state recalled plates with WTF and 666 on them – even though they fell within the natural sequence of DMV-issued license tags – because they might offend someone. No complaints; just might. So that’s why I’m more than a bit perplexed that the same insightful minds let something so overtly scatological through. And what does it say about the driver who so proudly displays this on the back of his ride? I assume he’s not actively accusing the person behind him (yesterday afternoon, that would have been me) of being a POOFACE because not only is that so extremely childish but he has no idea who is behind him at any given moment and, even so, can’t be so shortsighted as think that even if everyone in his estimation deserves to be chastised in such a manner that POOFACE would be an adequate epithet. A pet name perhaps? A personal nickname? Nothing really fits and nothing quite makes sense. I’ll never know the answer but I’m honestly hoping that it’s a family name, a la 30Rock’s Dr. Spaceman, and pronounced poo-fah-cheh or something equally ridiculous.

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