27 May 2015 Wednesday Night Trivia Rankings

Soccer Hooligans – A New Breed 69
Irish I Was Gay 69
We’re Dead Sober Now But We Expect To Get Over It 65
One Is The Loneliest Number 62
I Can Has Brownie? 61
Federally Investigated Football Association 61
Rick Astley Will Lend You Any Pixar Movie Except One 61
We used to be clever … Can we just get a brownie? 60
Hey, FIFA! Your Check Bounced! 58
Music Questions Are A Pain In The ASCAP 58
My Order Makes A Full House 57
My Friend Now Has Lakefront Property In Texas 57
Sunshine And Rainbows 55
Teens For Scientology 53
For The Team Name 52
3rd Week, No Team Name 50
Boobs Went Down To Georgia 50
Standing Room Only 45
Hillary’s To-Do List 1) Delete E-Mails 2) Cancel Bill’s Tindr 3) P/U Milk 44
Houston, We Have A Problem 43
Bull City’s Finest 42
Three Amigos 42
Trent’s Back From New York 39
Hoof Hearted 37

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