20 May 2015 Wednesday Trivia Night Rankings

We’re Back! 60
Today, Cher Turns 69 And Glen Turns Bright Red 60
We Don’t Need A Brownie – We Brought One 56
1803 Was A Good Year 55
It’s My Party, And I’ll Win Trivia If I Want To 55
Trivia-A Capella 51
Last Week’s 9th Place 48
Pizza Buster 48
Nice Save, Epiglottis 44
Our Only Goal Is To Beat Stephen Wise 43
Lucille Ballstars 43
We May Leave Early 43
Stupid Human Tricks Gone Wrong 41
Can We Wear Flats In Here? 41
I Hate Picking A Team Name 40
Top 10 Reasons We’re Going To Win At Trivia 40
Frodo’s Hobbit Hole 39
Bin Laden’s Book Club 30
Trivia’s Harder Than College 22
Mike, Mike, What Day Is It? 21

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