13 May 2015 Wednesday Night Trivia Rankings

Return Of The Trivia 62
Slow Clap For Sex Ed In Texas 60
Temps Up, Bring The Pup 60
Daddy’s Girls Team 59
We Really Need A Better Team Name 57
Starbucks: Contents May Be Hot & Do Irreparable Harm To Your Love Life 52
Picking a Team Name Is The Hardest Part 51
Giselle Likes Soft Balls Too 51
House Hunters 48
Freud and The Mother Lovers 47
Two The Hard Way 46
No Repeat Winner 46
Put Sparky On The Twenty 44
Premature eJEBulation 44
Age of Ultron: Where Was Loki? 44
[Kitty Sticker] 43
Insert Team Name Here 43
Glen’s Georgia Peach 41

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