6 May 2015 Wednesday Night Trivia Rankings

Giselle Loves Flat Balls 66
Write What You Want About Mayweather, He Can’t Read It Anyhow 65
Don’t Pour A Gift Coffee In The Mouth 64
Hood And Gown: Masters Or Jedi 61
“I Hate Tacos!” … Said No Juan Ever 60
Psychiatrists Do It On The Couch 57
Princess Charlotte, Why Not Durham? 57
Top Ten Reasons Tomato Jake’s Trivia Is The Best 55
Sweet Hips 53
This Is Our Funny Team Name 52
Wait … This isn’t golf? 52
It Takes A Village To Win At Trivia 51
Derbies And Babies And Boxing, Oh My! 50
Allison Kimberly Heather Of Durham 50
Tom Brady’s Ball Boys 49
I Hate Huckabees 48
Where The Hell’s My Team? 42
Next Week We’re Bringing Ken Jennings 39
B&T 36

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