Keep Calm and Carry Out

There’s this new bagtray at McDonald’s. Not your McDonald’s (unless you live in Hungary, it seems, where the idea originated) but perhaps coming soon. And why not since the idea is, frankly, revolutionary. The bag detaches and the bottom becomes a tray for your food! That’s pretty sweet. But ever since I watched the video I have been outraged. Why? See for yourself. It’s 45 seconds in.

The guy waves goodbye. He’s at a McDonald’s, ordering takeout, and he waves goodbye.


You go in, you order, you pay, you get your grub and you go. That’s the informal compact in which we enter when we patronize such a QSR. It’s the food equivalent of a hooker. There’s no relationship here. We’re in, we’re out, it’s quick and dirty, there’s no complicated emotions unless the bastards forget to supersize it. But this guy’s all hey, thanks, really, I appreciate it and I’ll see you later so have a great day because I consider you friends and equals and I want to signify our bond with a socially accepted gesture. No. Just – NO. You don’t wave to the people behind the counter. Even if you know them. If just makes you look simple or creepy.

And that’s Ronald’s job.


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