1 April 2015 Wednesday Night Trivia Standings

Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back 63
I Never Wanted To Go To Indiana Anyway 63
I Swear It’s Not Crabs… April Fools 58
Glen, Can We Have Your Ranch Dressing Recipe 56
Happy Birthday, Carl 56
Spring Break Teachers Gone Wild 55
March Sadness 54
Getting’ Quizzie Wit It 50
Mr. T Pities The April Fool 48
Pabst Schemer 45
The April Fools 45
We Used Google Pacman To Get Here 44
Would Jesus Eat The Easter Bunny? 44
And The Winner Is… 43
Can Coack K Do It? 41
Summiteers 41
Taylor Swift As A Coursing River 40
Social Construction 40
The Perfectly Good Tummies 38
Pete And Yvette Went To San Francsico And All They Brought Back Was A Diamond Ring 38
It’s My Birthday (No Fooling!) 37
Team Old Chubb 34
The Musketeers 32
Making Woo Woo Whoopie Cushions On The Love Train 27
Better Late Than Pregnant 26
Last Week’s Last Place 19

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