A Seminal Idea

The Internet. 

A wild, wonderful, wacky world of web whimsy. From unique and useful archival information to creative and artistic fiction and video, the dubya dubya dubya is a portal for the everyman to access the universe as we know it, warts and all. But has technology gone too far? 

Driving to a movie a while back, I heard a radio promo for an NPR show on fertility science. A throwaway line used to tout the piece mentioned a fact about our online outlet that I did not know. Maybe you did. Check this out: 

You can buy sperm over the Internet. 

That’s right. Sperm. The male gamete! The juice of life! Poppaseed! SPERM!!!   

Understand that I am not out to make fun of the impotent or the infertile, but I must point out that if you are so desperate to make a baby you are willing to purchase semen over the Internet then maybe you aren’t cut out to be a parent.   

At the very least, maybe you should seriously consider adoption! Or a goldfish.



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