Shirt Shrift

There’s this radio commercial I hear on occasion. Don’t know if it’s local, regional or national but, like so many radio offerings, it pisses me the hell off because it’s so ridiculously stupid.

It begins with a simple question: What’s the best way to bring people together? Whatever a practical answer to this might be, the ad’s is a chorus of people gleefully shouting, “T-SHIRTS!”

Whaaaa – ?! T-shirts are the BEST way to bring people together?! What fantastic, world-changing news! Want to end gridlock in DC? Just get the jokers some t-shirts. Middle East, why you be buggin’? You just haven’t worn the right t-shirts!

Hey, I know it’s just a dumb ad but if you’re going to use a little hyperbole make it at least believable. “Our shirts are the best!” “Everyone loves our shirts!” Not “Our shirts cure cancer!”

And while we’re at it, use a hook that is, at least, universally positive. T-shirts bring people together? Same can be said for funerals.


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