Dirty Laundry

I saw a letter in one of those Ann Landers-like columns last week, forget which one, one of the many that seemed to have popped up since the long-running columnist’s death. Anyway, it was from a woman who has concerned because her husband was upset that their son wanted to dress up as one of the Powerpuff Girls for Halloween. The wife thought that the son should be allowed to be what he pleased as it was simply make-believe fun. The father, of course, was outraged that his son would want to be a “girl” and wanted to force him to be something more masculine, like a fireman or a soldier.

Well, I can’t say I remember the columnist’s response to this missive but I will say this for what it’s worth…

For crying out loud, mom! Will you stop airing our family squabbles in the syndicated press?! And tell dad I’m a bloody adult now and I’ll be whatever I damn well want for Halloween!

Jeez. Is it any wonder I wish I was adopted?


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