Dog Day Afterthought

I’m all about animal rights and my petcentric worldview more than encompasses a reality where kind-hearted people spay & neuter, adopt shelter pets, remember their furry friends in their wills and generally treat our four-pawed pals with nothing but love and respect.


That being said, I think the women I see in the Blue Buffalo commercials should be a little less concerned that their former dog food contains chicken by-product meal. Not that Fido doesn’t deserve a top shelf product that would make the veterinarian proud but let’s be real here. This is an animal that regular licks his own crotch and, left to his own doggie devices, would gladly eat fresh feces right out of the yard (or anus, whichever is more convenient). Personally, I think a little subpar poultry leavings would be a-ok to such a nuanced poochie palate, alls I’m sayin’.


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