Party All The Time

There was this kid in my seventh grade Social Studies class who had a birthday party every month. One month, he invited a bunch of guys over to his house for cake and ice cream, saying it was his 13th birthday. The next month, he sends out invitations to a bash at Chuck E. Cheese’s claiming he was turning twelve. The following month, he had a sleepover for his 15th. The next thing you know, he’s got a bunch of us at some public park under the pretense it was his 21st birthday and he wanted to kick off adulthood with “all his happening young pals.”

Why the subterfuge? The lies? Was this kid desperate for attention or friendship or popularity? No one ever found out. Understand, it’s not that we were stupid and didn’t realize we were being played for some odd reason. It’s just that we were all in the throes of puberty and he had a really hot mom. 

Really hot. 

Caren Kaye in My Tutor hot.


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