Doggie Bagged

Wow. Another “What the hell were they thinking?” moment as I walked the aisles of the Kroger supermarket and spied what may be the WORST brand name ever: Old Yeller Dog Food.


Seriously! What exec at Disney thought this was a good idea? And it’s not like the company has no other canine icons to whore out for merchandising purposes …  101 Dalmatians …  Pluto …  The Beagle Boys …  Lady and the Tramp … heck, even The Shaggy DA would make a better brand of dog food than the one Disney movie character who got rabies and had to be shot by his owner!!!!! This is like seeing a Cujo brand dog food – or seeing a horse chow named Crazy Glue.

Dammit, you show me the demented sod who’s feeding his mutt this questionable kibble and I’ll show you a guy who’s got Michael Vick as the #1 pick in his fantasy football draft.

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