People I Hate #21 (In A Series)

Who: The guy who, when you see a spider or a snake or some creature like that, says “It’s more scared of you than you are of it.”

Why: This dude thinks by pointing out the fear of the animal he is defusing the situation but he is instead magnifying any apprehension I had to the point of fear by injecting his own brand of smugness. It doesn’t matter the state of mind of the creepy crawly in question. It could be freakin’ mortified to see me. Heck, I wouldn’t blame it; I’m 100 times its size. But whatever fear the little bastard feels it does not negate for one second the anxiety, apprehension or outright phobia I have when I see something so minute that could (although, rationally, I understand the odds are against it but this is not a fear born of rationality) kill me without a bloody sound!

How I justify it: Spiders and snakes creep me the hell out. Just let me revel in my stupid, impotent aversion and shut the hell up about it.

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