We’ll Do It Live!

What is it about a live concert experience that makes some people want to scream at the top of their lungs? Seriously. I find it difficult to believe that the musical talent onstage actually finds this helpful in any way. Nonetheless, every concert, every event, every time, some drunken redneck feels the need to let loose a rebel yell like the original Skynyrd had just risen from the dead and picked out the opening chords to Sweet Home Alabama. Hey, mullet head! Shut up and stop ruining every live album ever recorded! You’re not leading Pickett’s Charge up Cemetery Ridge, okay? Applaud and dance and, heck, even shout the ubiquitous Freebird every now and again (that’s your birthright as a Southerner) but that ear-piercing shriek you wanna lob at the rest of us like a vocal dagger to the eardrum? Hell, that sucker can stay lodged half-choked in the back of your throat, alright?


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