Gamete The Parents

I saw a news article a while back that proclaimed “British Scientists To Create Human Sperm” – and while I know logically this may be a good thing for the medical field, that is using stem cells to make sperm for the infertile, I couldn’t help but recall a line from a Monty Python sketch where Eric Idle’s character wanted to donate urine instead of blood, causing John Cleese to reply, “No. We have no call for it. We’ve quite enough of it without volunteers coming in here donating it.”

I mean, really – is there honestly any shortage of sperm? Just turn on any CSI episode and it seems as though the stuff’s everywhere.  S’like they whip out that black light in a hotel room and the walls look like a freakin’ Jackson Pollock!  I always imagined that had they brought one of those crime scene lights into my freshman dorm and turned it on the entire place would have been solid white, like a can of Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster had exploded in the middle of the room, coating every surface.  They’d even move a lamp, you know, expecting to find a dark circle beneath it but, no, all white.  I’m just saying that guys are willingly producing this stuff left and right, so it’s not as though there’s a shortage or we seriously need any more of it than we already have.  (Or, say, the average middle school chess club can produce during an episode of Pretty Little Liars.)

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