Time Has Come Today

About Time.  Hmmmmm…

It’s a chick flick. But it has time travel in it, so it’s sci fi, right? But it just SCREAMS chick flick, doesn’t it! It’ll be all kissy and angsty and girlie and moody and emotional. But it’s got TIME TRAVEL in it – the word time is right there in the title even! But it’s a chick flick and there’ll be crying and stuff and there’s a meet cute and someone’ll get an incurable disease or lose their memory or something and the next thing you know I’ll be honking into my hanky … but he travels through time, like they did in Time Bandits and Time After Time and Back to the Future and … AAHHHHH! It vexes me. IT VEXES ME!!!! Tinseltown, you devil. You didn’t get my nine bucks for The Lake House, you’re not getting it for this.

Although Rachel McAdams is pretty darn hot … so maybe …

Blast you, Hollywood!

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