Five Rejected My Little Ponies

Cinnamon Bundlesnort

Starfish Tinkleberry

Tammy Fay

Gretchen Fetchen Candyretchen

Mr. Ed


Five Casey Kasem Fears

He will only be remembered for voiceover work as Alexander on Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space

The long distance dedications were all fake

Ryan Seacrest will figure out he’s his biological father


You can never actually touch the stars if your feet are on the ground


Five Unlikely Edward Snowden Hiding Places

A Sbarro in Amsterdam

On one of those new Pluto moons

An armoire in the offices of Highlights magazine

Ayers rock

In plain sight (like Waldo)


Five Signs Your Waiter Is In Love With You

He takes your order and giggles like a schoolgirl

He fistfights another server to get your table

Blissful sighs emanating from the soda refill station

He hand feeds you your dessert

Side dishes shaped into hearts


Five Transformer Erogenous Zones


Glove compartment

Coolant hose




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