Switched At Mirth

I keep seeing an ad for Walmart where some goon goes around and switches out the primo meat at some fancy steakhouse with Walmart brand steaks. Nothing new here, really. This advertising trope has been going on for decades – switching soda, coffee, snacks, wives, what have you. I can’t stand it, personally, because it smacks to me of fraud at the very basis and anyone who knows even the slightest anything about ads and television and production understands that for every person in the spot that gleefully accepts the bait-and-switch premise there must be ten that raise hell, storm out, threaten lawsuits and just generally treat the bamboozler with the ire, disdain and mockery they deserve. “What the hell? I saved up my money for months to afford to take my wife out for our tenth anniversary at the five-star Chez Le Boeuf and you come along and switch my T-bone with some processed crap from Walmart?!” “But, sir, you said you and your wife enjoyed the steak so that means Walmart’s is just as good.” “Now, you’re calling me shallow? You son of a – step outside and let me kick your ass, you smarmy jerkhole!”

Yes, not only am I calling these commercials lies (and don’t get me started on how strongly I believe the people portrayed as *these are not actors* most likely are) and an insult to the collective intellect but I have to go on record and say I cannot wait until the outtakes surface on YouTube.


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