People I Hate #263 (In A Series)

Who: The person who greenlit Grown Ups 2.

Why: Because the last thing we needed was another lowbrow family comedy replete with cute kids, pratfalls, man-children-a-plenty and I’m sure more shots to the nuts than sanity, decorum or a PG-13 rating should allow. Yes, I’m aware that the first film made over 250 million dollars (don’t get me started). And I know that Adam Sandler, for whatever his critical appeal, has a fan following that will allow him to continually churn out the type of big budget fare that makes Eddie Murphy’s career look like Shakespeare. But every time I see the ad for this filmflam spectacle I feel the need to take a Lifetime shower or at least offset the banality and folly with something off the AFI 100. And someone made this happen. It didn’t just spontaneously generate itself on some Hollywood Avid and show up unannounced on the distributor’s desk. No, an executive had to rubber stamp this and give the thumbs up to something which could have been quashed before the pitch, ceding space to something more creative, original and worthwhile.

How I justify it: Grown Ups 2. Dammit. Just … just … dammit.


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