Keep On Truckin’

I was driving across state recently and I got behind a tractor-trailer. The back end was plastered with one of those employment ads, the kind designed to entice average Joes into the trucking biz and exemplify what a swell job it is. Usually, these ads say something like “Our drivers get paid (so many) cents per mile” or “Drivers become management within two years (because no one wants to be a trucker forever, I guess).” This one had the boast “Our drivers are home weekends,” leading to the belief that the job was so 9-to-5 that you only worked five days a week with this trucking company and got to spend Saturday and Sunday with the fam, grilling out on your deck and coaching the kids’ little league sports. Thing is, I saw this ad when I was driving behind the truck in question on a Saturday. So what gives? Was this guy the exception that proves the rule or was he so incompetent that he couldn’t get the deliveries done in five days and HAD to work weekends? Or was he so ambitious that we wanted the overtime and extra drive time? Of course, the obvious answer is that he lived in his truck, which makes truckers a very sad people indeed.


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