I was in Blockbuster video the other night when I made a startling discovery.  No, not that people still go to Blockbuster in the age of Netflix; this was even more surprising.

As I perused the “family” section, looking for something to rent once I realized that Monkey Trouble was checked out, I noticed a film that seemed too preposterous to exist.  It was a movie that I felt should not … could not exist.  Yet it did – and there it sat between The Princess Bride and Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown.

Puss In Boots. Starring Christopher Walken.

You heard me.  The classic children’s story, the venerable fairy tale, Puss In Boots, with the lead footwear-clad feline played by the driver who freaked out Woody Allen in Annie Hall – the vet who played Russian Roulette in The Deer Hunter – the freak who hid a watch in a very unsanitary location in Pulp Fiction!  This seemed like either the craziest idea ever to hit Hollywood or – nope, no other option.  Pure insanity.

Nonetheless, the movie is out there, lurking on video store shelves, probably cropping up on TV when you least expect it.  For the imdb entry on it, click HERE.  For a YouTube clip, click HERE.  But trust me: once you know the truth about Christopher Walken’s Puss In Boots, you’ll never be the same again.

I mean, c’mon, let’s be real.  You know the only reason this festering pile of celluloid got greenlit was because someone in some studio promotions department thought that the headline “These Boots Were Made For Walken” would look good on the front of Variety!


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